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Forbes Article Authored by Stephen Chen, NuCompass

COVID-19 has and will continue to have a huge impact on businesses and the way we work. With global labor shortages still affecting the economy, companies are leaning into automation and AI initiatives to stay competitive. Still, as essential as automation is, challenges remain.

HRO Today Article: Mobility, Disrupted

"Mobility, Disrupted," an article written by HRO Today's Debbie Bolla, takes an in-depth look at how the relocation market is evolving due to COVID-19. Adele Rota, NuCompass Vice President, Client Relations, contributed her insight, along with other industry experts, regarding the evolving issues.

Climate Change is Important to Your Global Mobility Business

Customers, clients, and employees are looking for more sustainable and better environmental practices to do businesses with. 

How Technology is Transforming Mobility

HR leaders have faced numerous challenges over the past year which pushed more leaders to embrace AI technology to help.

Talent Mobility and Non-Competes

On July 9, 2021, President Biden issued his Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the  American Economy. “

Remote Work Transformation

This Remote Work Report,  part of a research series by Worldwide Employee Relocation Council’s (WERC), examines remote work from the perspective of how Mobility Service Providers are addressing remote work within their own companies and how as an industry we are adapting. 

Compliance Issues for International Remote Workers

As international remote work increases, there are crucial compliance issues for employers to consider when it comes to social security liabilities, and right to work and data security that HR professionals should be aware of.

Global Companies are Leaving Hong Kong

Jolted by political disruption and a crackdown by mainland China and the pandemic, global companies are moving to cities like Shanghai and Singapore.

The Pandemic is Changing Employee Benefits

Organizations are responding to employees' needs for better benefits after the pandemic revealed important missing elements like mental health, flexibility, and additional care.

NuCompass in Forbes: "Six Essentials for Successful Execution During Digital Transformation"

As the world recovers from the disruption of the pandemic, digital transformation projects are going full tilt everywhere. 

In this Forbes artciles, Stephen Chen, NuCompass Sr. Vice President, Technology & Security, provides six essentials to ensure success with your digital transformation or growth initiatives, including: