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NuCompass NPS Surveys: Better Responsiveness Starts With Better Listening

Our customers’ experience with the services we provide is a priority for all of us at NuCompass. Being a strong partner means listening to feedback, and acting on it. While many competitors send out annual surveys, we know that opportunities for improvement don’t come up once a year. NuCompass uses a Net Promoter Score survey to get rapid feedback from our customers.

Britain’s Financial Sector Aims for 6-month Staff Visa

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Australia to Allow Some Visa Holders to Return Next Month

Google Employees May See 25% Pay Cut Moving From NY, Silicon Valley

Flexibility Is Key to Talent Attraction and Retention

CFOs Can Improve Staff Costs While Still Meeting Employees’ Needs for Relocation

“CFOs now have a rare opportunity to both provide employees with the flexibility and quality of life adjustments they desire, while improving the organizational cost structure as many employees indicate an openness to relocating to lower cost of living areas,” says Emily Riley, director in the Gartner Finance practice. CFOs can and should collaborate with HR to better accommodate offers to employees about where they choose to work and adjust their pay accordingly.

How Companies Can Use Litigation to Expedite Visa Applications

While visa applicants expect processing delays due to COVID-19, what about the applications that were filed before the pandemic that have been waiting months or even years? These delays are not only frustrating but can cause consequences for ongoing employment authorization, travel, and voting. One option to expedite the process is filing a lawsuit against USCIS in federal court. Read the article below to see what to expect when filing a writ of mandamus.

Goldman Sachs CEO Calls for Ease of Border Restrictions in Hong Kong and China

Five Ways Employers Can Improve Sustainability