Preparing an RFP?

If you are preparing a relocation Request for Proposal (RFP), NuCompass can help with guidelines and samples. If you have an RFP ready to submit, NuCompass is ready to win your business! Complete the form below to get started, or send an attachment via email to

What makes NuCompass different? It’s the way we think about applying technology to relocation.

We have never been satisfied with the accepted way of doing business in global mobility. From our start in 1965, we have been changing the face of relocation with technology.

When you submit an RFP with NuCompass, you get the advantage of a technology leader and a service leader. Our team challenged ourselves to think of the best ways technology could enhance the employee experience while maintaining a high degree of service quality. Technology can help automate and add value and transparency to the relocation process, but when you need to call someone, you should be talking to an expert.

Our team is ready to take on new relocation challenges and we look forward to responding to your RFP.