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We’ve been creating innovative relocation solutions for decades — and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Our Story

We understand that relocation is a very difficult process that comes with a lot of moving parts and emotional challenges. And after 50 years of helping companies, we know how important it is to get it right and to make it easy for our customers.

Illustration of computerWhat sets us apart from other mobility management firms is the way we apply technology to the relocation process. At NuCompass, we have never been satisfied with the accepted way of doing business in our industry. From our earliest beginnings in 1965, we have been changing the landscape of relocation through technology. We think technology has become even more important today. As companies have migrated to talent management platforms and self-service portals for employee HR functions, there is a need to maintain pace with how HR is evolving. Become more current. Make it easier for everyone. Build in workflow and access to data for decision-making and to control costs.

So, we challenged ourselves to think of all the best ways technology could be used to augment the relocation process while maintaining high service quality. We built some cool things, tried them out, and learned a lot. We then enhanced them even more. The result was CoPilot, a relocation platform that manages the relocation process from the initial authorization process through final reconciliation. 

Our latest technology innovation is CoPilot Express, a digital platform specifically designed for companies offering lump sum payments. CoPilot Express changes the lump sum game by combining real-time payments, guidance, and trusted supplier connections to give employees a more rewarding relocation experience. We’re excited to continue our journey of helping companies move their employees around the world in the most efficient and modern way possible.

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