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EU Issues Digital Green Certificate For Travel

In what may be a preview of post COVID-19 Global Mobility, a digital COVID-19 certificate in the European Union was released recently to provide safe and free movement for its citizens.

UK's Services Sector Recorded Largest Growth in Two Years

According to an international business survey, the U.K.’s services sector IHS Markit/Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to 62.9 in May, the highest level it’s been since 1997.

The Pandemic is Changing Employee Benefits

Organizations are responding to employees' needs for better benefits after the pandemic revealed important missing elements like mental health, flexibility, and additional care.

Key Global Mobility Trends to Watch

The pandemic has brought on significant change to organizations around the world. One of the most significant changes that happened was the shift of focus to employee wellbeing and humanizing the workplace – whether employees are overseas or in the headquarters. This article dives into new trends companies should consider from more leadership opportunities to employees outside the headquarters to going beyond work-life balance.

Read the 6 trends here.

Tax Tips For U.S. Employers Managing International Remote Workers

Filing taxes from abroad is a much more complicated process than filing in the states. While some people and organizations are embracing fully remote, some are ready to get back in the office. Whether your firm is on one side of the spectrum or the other, or your company is partaking in a hybrid model, it’s important to understand the different taxes for your international employers. This article shares important information and tips for companies managing their remote international employers and provides a guide to taxes.

NuCompass Named a Top Relocation Firm by HRO Today for 10th Year

NuCompass is pleased to announce its tenth consecutive year as a top relocation firm in the HROToday Baker's Dozen rankings!

Forbes Article: "Four Ways Business Leaders Can Transform Customer Experience"

Many organizations have adapted to a digital or remote way of doing business during the pandemic – and in some cases, it is dramatically altering people’s daily experiences. In this Forbes article, NuCompass Sr. Vice President of Technology & Security, Stephen Chen, discusses how NuCompass Mobility has taken advantage of these pandemic-driven changes to improve our entire customer experience. Chen outlines how business should build on the opportunities brought about by the pandemic to improve the entire customer experience, including:

Forbes Article: "Why Your Vendors are Partners in Better Cloud Security"

Stephen Chen, NuCompass Senior Vice President, Technology & Security, authored an article in Forbes that focuses on data and security.

Case Study: Building a Better Internship Program

During the current pandemic, many companies are rethinking their intern experience. Even if you are going virtual for now, you need to think about your future in-person intern experience if you want to compete for the best and brightest college students. What is the experience like? The city, the activities, and the living situation are all key aspects. So is reducing unexpected cost surprises for you and your candidates.

Instant Access to Worldwide Temporary Accommodations

To support worldwide temporary living accommodations, NuCompass is pleased to announce it has enhanced its centralized booking platform for furnished accommodations and hotels.