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Diversity & Inclusion Might Be Excluding Some Marginalized Groups

Diversity and inclusion have been a rising priority for businesses since the Black Lives Matter movement began in 2020. Before this, companies were aware of D&I and made some efforts to progress on this. These efforts have intensified in the last couple of years.

Bleisure, The New Hybrid Trend Emerging As Work-life Boundaries Blur

Technology and the pandemic have blurred the line between work, pleasure, the business world, and our personal lives. In 2022, business travels are easily mixed with leisure thanks to the flexibility of remote work. Employees get sent off to a conference or meeting abroad and stay longer to enjoy a partly-subsidized beachside stay. The idea of bleisure travel varies from company to company.

How to Make Your Employer Brand Stand Out to Attract New Talent

According to a Slack survey of more than 10,000 knowledge workers, 95% of them would prefer to set their own working hours. This report showed that many employees would choose to have flexible hours before remote working privileges. The survey also found that most workers who are not expected to receive what they ask for will likely look for other job opportunities in the next few months.

Remote Work Is Completely Changing the Travel Industry?

Working from home might be the most significant change to the travel industry since commercial flights became a thing. In 2020, employees started to work from anywhere around the world. Any place with good Wi-Fi was a good office; whether at the beach or in the mountains, workers could make it their temporary workspace.

Global Mobility Is Getting Easier in 2022

Despite the pandemic, global mobility seems to be getting much easier. An analysis by the Boston Consulting Group concluded that now it is simpler than ever for skilled talent to move abroad and relocate wherever they want.

U.S. Visa Processing Issues Are Affecting Foreign Workers

America’s job market hasn’t been stable for the past couple of years, and with the recent Great Resignation, it just got worse. Right now, there are visa processing delays that are significantly contributing to the nationwide labor shortage. There are more than 11 million job openings in the U.S.

NuCompass NPS Surveys: Better Responsiveness Starts With Better Listening

Our customers’ experience with the services we provide is a priority for all of us at NuCompass. Being a strong partner means listening to feedback, and acting on it. While many competitors send out annual surveys, we know that opportunities for improvement don’t come up once a year. NuCompass uses a Net Promoter Score survey to get rapid feedback from our customers.

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