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Rising Job Vacancies in UK Lead to Ease of Post-Brexit Immigration Rules

Widening Mobility Gap Threatens To Slow Economic Recovery

Legal and Tax Implications for New Expatriate Employees

Can Mobility Professionals Evolve to Be Sustainable Thinkers?

Recently, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a “code red” for humanity on climate change. Employers are now empowering their “business functions to think critically about how to embed sustainability goals into their operations.” This article addresses the critical role mobility professionals have to create actionable change to protect our planet and to make smart climate business decisions for the future.

Worker Shortage Contributes to Rising U.S. Consumer Prices

U.S. consumer prices accelerated by .9% in October, with inflation strains threatening the labor market and snarling global supply chains. Americans are paying more for gasoline and food, leading to the biggest annual gain since 1990. While the White House and the Fed maintain that prices will start to fall, there are signs that inflation could stay high until well into 2022 with convoluted supply chains.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Is at the Finish Line

Business Travel Boom Expected After U.S. Lifts Travel Ban From the UK and EU

Survey Finds Desire to Work Abroad Has Not Been Diminished by Pandemic

HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer, a survey of more than 20,000 people living and working abroad, found that 75% of those surveyed believe the next year will bring an opportunity for life to go back to normal. Cameron Senior, interim head of HSBC Expat said, “Following many months of uncertainty, I'm heartened to hear how expats are benefiting from relocating — over two-thirds told us they feel their quality of life is better now, albeit with a lot of changes.”.

The Great Resignation: 4 Reasons Employees Might Be Quitting

The post-pandemic world has brought many changes, one of them being employees reevaluating their personal lives and their careers. The Great Resignation is here, but there are steps business leaders can take to eliminate turnover. This article dives into the 2021 Talent Index by Beamery and “identifies insights on post-pandemic workplace policies and the retention issues plaguing employers” from 5,000 employees. Read the four reasons employees are quitting below.

4 Steps Policymakers Should Make to Reverse Immigration Hostility

On Oct. 28, 1987, National Immigrants Day was implemented. Since then, some immigrants who have entered the U.S. to work have been welcomed with open arms. However, recently this “welcome” has been replaced with hostility and has resulted in legal barricades. With immigration-related work constraints and the burden of immigration paperwork and stringent visa requirements, there is a need for policymakers to take action and reverse this trend.