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How Much Do You Know About Relocation?

Exceptions, or expenses that were not originally intended, can impact your company’s annual relocation spend. What's the average amount spent on exceptions in a typical relocation program?

That’s right!Sorry, you’re incorrect! The average amount spent on exceptions is typically 12.5%.*

If your company is spending more than 5% of its total relocation spend on exceptions, it’s time to take a look at your program.

*Results based on a recent NuCompass study conducted to investigate the effect of exception spend on total program costs.

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Industry Trends: Rental Forecast

In corporate relocation, the focus is typically on homeowners while the renter population is considered easier and faster to move. Often, renters have more flexibility to relocate due to smaller family sizes and fewer possessions on average. While relocating renters may be a more simplistic process than homeowners, it comes with its own set of complications, such as rental costs being up 25% over the past two years (WERC).

BAMM 2023: Generational Challenges in Mobility

Members of our NuCompass team recently attended the 2023 Bay Area Mobility Management (BAMM) Conference in San Francisco, CA, where NuCompass was a Keynote Sponsor. In addition to discussions on subjects like DEI and sustainability, a key area of focus was on generational changes in the workforce and how that affects the relocation industry. The top three highlights were generations, benefits, and flexibility.

Industry Trends: Mortgage Forecast

As inflation has grown, mortgage interest rates have been steadily increasing. The mortgage payment for the same price house (median $428,000) is almost $1,000 more this year compared to last year. This rise in interest rates can impact an employee’s decision to accept a job transfer to a new city.  As a result, corporations with a focus on recruiting and retaining talent are now considering mortgage assistance options for relocating employees.

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