The Employee Experience: Two Lump Sum Journeys

The Employee Experience: Two Lump Sum Journeys

Embarking on a new professional journey often involves not just a change in roles but a physical relocation that can shape the entire experience for employees. In this exploration, we delve into the relocation journeys of two employees—Alex and Sam. Their paths diverge in the choices made by their employers: a traditional Lump Sum for Alex and CoPilot Express™ for Sam. Join us as we unravel their stories, examining the impact of support on the relocation experience.

Meet Alex: A Traditional Lump Sum Journey

Alex is a talented software engineer working for a tech company in California. Thrilled about a new job opportunity in Texas, Alex accepts the offer and is told he will receive a Lump Sum payment of $10,000. While Alex had to wait several weeks for his payment to get processed through his company’s payroll, he was eager to make the most of the situation.

He wasn’t sure where to start, so he began searching online for information on his new city. He also searched for general information about how to choose a shipping company, get a mortgage, and any other services he should consider during the course of his move.

Since Alex owned a home in California, he began looking for real estate agents online. He also asked his friends and co-workers for their recommendations, but found he was spending a lot of time trying to narrow down his search. The real estate agent he contacted initially was not a good fit, but after switching to a different agent, Alex found a realtor to list his home in California. He conducted another search to find a real estate agent to help him find a suitable home in Texas.

Though the lack of guidance caused him some uncertainty, Alex managed to select a household goods company and find other providers to help him with his move. Despite an issue with delayed delivery of his household goods shipment, he arrived to his new job on time.

Juggling the relocation process on his own was time-consuming and resulted in additional stress for Alex. While he is happy to start his new job, he did express frustration about not feeling supported by the company during the relocation.

Meet Sam: A CoPilot Express™ Journey

Sam is a marketing manager from New York, who receives a promotion requiring a move to Colorado. Sam's employer uses NuCompass’ CoPilot Express platform, which is designed specifically for employees receiving a lump sum payment.  

When Sam accesses CoPilot Express, he sees his company’s logo and receives a personal welcome. In just a few minutes, he’s able to walk through three simple steps to help him on his way. CoPilot Express guides his journey in the first step by asking if he needs help in any areas, such as moving his stuff or buying or selling a home. Since Sam hasn’t moved often, he’s able to consider other services such as destination assistance, home and auto insurance, and free utility connection services that he hadn’t thought about yet.

Next, Sam is ready to get paid the $10,000 authorized by his company. Since Sam’s banking institution accepts real time payments, his funds are deposited into his account within minutes.

In the third step, CoPilot Express helps Sam build a plan. Sam has access to the CoPilot Express educational library and destination information so he can make informed decision about his relocation. He chooses to directly connect with vetted suppliers for the services he needs, all in one place.

He finds experienced real estate agents in New York and in Colorado that help him sell his current home and buy his new home quickly. Sam is happy to learn that he is eligible for a cash rebate on his real estate, household goods, and auto shipment transactions. He also receives information on mortgage programs that provide a credit at closing.

Sam keeps track of all of his information, quotes, payment status, and cash rebates in his plan. When he has a question along the way, he reaches out to an expert through live chat. Throughout the journey, the support and guidance of CoPilot Express contributes to a positive experience for Sam. He feels excited about the new job opportunity and the prospect of settling into a new life in Colorado.

Analyzing the Moves

When comparing the relocation journeys of Sam and Alex, Sam's experience on CoPilot Express provided comprehensive support, vetted suppliers, educational resources, destination information, and the opporutnity to recieve additional funds through the NuCompass Rebate Program. In contrast, Alex's traditional Lump Sum journey, while ultimately successful, highlights the challenges and uncertainties associated with navigating a relocation independently. The lack of guidance and the need to independently research and select service providers creates a more stressful and less streamlined experience compared to the CoPilot Express options.

The End Result

In the end, Sam's CoPilot Express journey demonstrates the importance of comprehensive support in ensuring a smooth transition and a positive experience for transferring employees, while Alex's traditional Lump Sum journey underscores the potential drawbacks of a less structured relocation process. Employers seeking to provide the best relocation experience for their employees may find that opting personalized journey with CoPilot Express can significantly contribute to the success and satisfaction of their transferees.