Shifting Tides of Immigration: 2023 Recap and 2024 Insights

Shifting Tides of Immigration: 2023 Recap and 2024 Insights

As the curtains fall on 2023, marked by unprecedented challenges and transformative changes in the landscape of immigration, companies must reflect on the pivotal moments to make informed strategic decisions in 2024. According to Boundless Immigration (BI), the business immigration landscape underwent significant shifts, spotlighting several key issues last year:

  • H-1B Reform. The surge in H-1B work visa registrations, totaling a staggering 781,000 has thrust the flaws in the system into the limelight. This surge has sparked conversations around the urgent need for a revised selection process. USCIS is actively exploring changes to the lottery system, leaning towards a model that ensures equitable opportunities for all applicants.
  • PERM Case Settlements. Compliance issues took center stage in 2023, with Apple settling for $25 million over employment discrimination allegations in its PERM green card sponsorship program. These cases underscore the delicate equilibrium required between adhering to PERM guidelines and upholding non-discriminatory recruitment practices.
  • Priority Date Retrogression. A backlog in Priority Dates, a consequence of the post-COVID-19 landscape, left many immigrants in a state of uncertainty regarding their visa statuses. In response, USCIS extended the validity of Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) and Advance Parole (APs) to provide respite for those ensnared in the prolonged waiting period.
  • Administrative Processing. A significant upswing in Administrative Processing throughout 2023 highlighted the imperative for more efficient processing methods and transparent communication from immigration authorities.

2024 Changes and Initiatives

As we step into 2024, the landscape of U.S. immigration undergoes notable transformations, spearheaded by various global initiatives, all shaping the future of business immigration. According to BI, here are some of the changes that experts expect to see this year:

  • DOS Pilot Program. A noteworthy development in 2024 is the Department of State's (DOS) pilot program for stateside H-1B visa renewals. Limited to 20,000 applications, this initiative promises a streamlined renewal process, potentially diminishing the necessity for international travel for visa stamping.
  • Modernization. The year 2024 welcomes significant changes in the H-1B visa program through the implementation of modernization rules. The alteration in the lottery selection process, focusing on unique beneficiaries rather than unique registrations, aims to level the playing field. Additionally, the extension of Cap-Gap protection will offer enhanced flexibility and security in employment continuity.
  • Processing Predictions. The Department of Labor (DOL) is undergoing paradigm shifts in its approach to Prevailing Wage Determinations (PWDs). Aiming for a standard processing time of six months in 2024, streamlined two-page forms and improved coordination with USCIS seek to provide more predictable and reliable processing timelines.
  • EPT Laws and Impact. The expansion of Equal Pay Transparency (EPT) laws across states in 2024 will significantly influence the immigration landscape. Employers involved in green card processes must align their recruitment practices with state-specific EPT laws.


In the dynamic landscape of U.S. business immigration, adaptability is key. NuCompass Mobility remains steadfast in our commitment to furnishing our clients with the latest insights and strategic solutions to navigate the complexities of corporate relocations in 2024.