NuCompass Mobility: 59 Years of Pioneering Relocation Through Technology

NuCompass Mobility: 59 Years of Pioneering Relocation Through Technology

This month marks another successful year for NuCompass as we proudly celebrate 59 years in business. Since our founding in 1965, we have been solely dedicated to simplifying the complex process of relocation for companies and their relocating employees. Our journey has been one of innovation, adaptation, partnership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in mobility management.

Relocating can be an incredibly daunting task, laden with logistical challenges and emotional upheaval. With 59 years of experience under our belt, we understand the importance of combining efficiency with empathy in every relocation journey. Recognizing the intricacies involved, we have strived to not only get it right but to make it as seamless as possible, for our customers.

What sets NuCompass apart from other mobility management firms is our unwavering commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the relocation process. Since our inception in 1965, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of what's possible in our industry through technological innovation.

Over the years, we have challenged ourselves to harness the power of technology to augment relocation processes while maintaining the highest standards of service quality. Through experimentation, expertise, and dedication, we developed CoPilot®, our proprietary global relocation platform for full-service programs. CoPilot seamlessly manages every aspect of the relocation journey, from initial authorization to final reconciliation, streamlining processes and enhancing the user experience.

Building on this success, our latest technological breakthrough, CoPilot Express™, revolutionizes the lump sum relocation game. Tailored specifically for companies offering lump sum payments, CoPilot Express integrates fast payments, personalized guidance, trusted supplier connections, and more to deliver a more rewarding relocation experience for employees.

As we celebrate our 59th Anniversary at NuCompass, we remain committed to our mission of helping companies navigate the complexities of global mobility in the most efficient and modern way possible in hopes of being the most effective partner in the industry. Our journey doesn't end here as it is an ongoing evolution fueled by innovation, dedication, and a passion for transforming the relocation experience. Here's to many more years of empowering companies and their employees to embark on new journeys with confidence and ease.