Marron Quoted in "Revamping Relo" Article

Marron Quoted in "Revamping Relo" Article

NuCompass CEO, ​Dave Marron, is quoted in a new HRO Today article, "Revamping Relo," which highlights how HR leaders are finding ways to adapt  mobility programs to ensure the safety of employees. 

The article's author, Marta Chmielowicz, talks with a variety of mobility experts about how relocation programs will continue to evolve. Within the article, the author notes, "Companies are now expected to implement additional safeguards to ensure the health and safety of their employees, rewriting their policies to include measures like:

  • enhancing technology to minimize contact and improve the employee experience;
  • increasing flexibility around the timing of a move;
  • offering PPE, sanitization, and social distancing guidelines during household moves;
  • developing health questionnaires and screens prior to travel;
  • offering coronavirus testing when not covered by insurance;
  • booking air travel and accommodations that meet CDC health guidelines;
  • expanding temporary accommodation benefits; and
  • managing real estate transactions virtually.

'Other areas of focus include understanding the environment at the destination location and what challenges it may present for the relocating family, evaluating travel options to minimize risk and address quarantine requirements, and modifying provisions for local/ground transportation to reduce or eliminate use of public transportation where feasible,' says Dave Marron, CEO of NuCompass Mobility

To meet the duty of care in the midst of a pandemic, HR leaders need to reevaluate their existing benefits offerings and adapt their programs to the new realities of the world in a way that remains cost-effective. For example, Marron explains that rather than offering a lump sum benefits package, employers should consider a host of services that can more adequately support relocating employees and their families."

The article also states, "Moving into the end of 2020 and facing a potential resurgence of the virus, companies will need to be more cautious than ever, making shrewd decisions about which moves are truly necessary to their organizational goals and implementing alternatives to relocation when possible....'Focus on assuring employee safety, providing supportive assistance and prudent decision-making to achieve cost-effective results,” says Marron. “Recognize that exercising flexibility and incurring a small increased support cost to assure employee health and well-being can result in reduced risk for the business and its employees.'"

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