Instant Access to Worldwide Temporary Accommodations

Instant Access to Worldwide Temporary Accommodations

To support worldwide temporary living accommodations, NuCompass is pleased to announce it has enhanced its centralized booking platform for furnished accommodations and hotels.

The new platform integration delivers instant temporary living options at the most competitive rates, with 100% provider and rate transparency. As a centralized system for worldwide accommodations in more than 160 countries, the enhanced platform includes:

  • Direct communication for transferring employees 24/7 
  • ​​​​Consistent guest experiences across multiple properties
  • End-to-end lease management
  • Renter's personal and liability insurance on every stay
  • Rate transparency
  • Consolidated billing

This platform also supports the continuity of workflow, with employee data and location information are accessible at any time. Mobile employees can use the state-of-the-art self-service portal for an enhanced guest experience. Reservation information can be easily viewed on any device, alleviating stress for traveling employees.

The platform can compare global accommodations in more than 150 countries, and offers the best options based on the individual employee’s needs. Contact us for more information!