Improving the Unpacking Experience

Improving the Unpacking Experience

Relocation can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to unpacking and organizing a new home. Traditionally, relocation policies have offered full unpacking services, but this can often lead to overwhelming situations for employees.

At NuCompass, we understand the challenges that come with unpacking, which is why we have partnered with our trusted supplier to introduce a new and improved solution. Our Full Unpack/Put Away Service and the 1-Day Quick Start service aim to transform the unpacking experience and provide a stress-free transition for employees at all assignment levels.

The Overwhelming Nature of Traditional Unpacking Services
Let's face it - the idea of unpacking an entire house can be daunting for most people. When all possessions are unpacked right away, it can quickly become overwhelming. Surfaces become cluttered, and the pressure to put away non-essential items immediately can add unnecessary stress to the process. While traditional unpacking services were once considered helpful, they often fail to consider the preferences and needs of the employee during their move.

A New Perspective
Partial Unpack and Put Away: NuCompass believes that employees should have the power to choose the level of unpacking service that suits them best. That's why we have introduced a 1-day Quick Start partial Unpack/Put Away solution as an option. By offering this option, employees can have a more personalized and manageable unpacking experience that caters to their specific needs and priorities.

The Unpack/Put Away Experience
Our Unpack/Put Away Services have been designed to ensure a seamless transition and a positive experience for employees. Here's what this service offers:

  • Prioritizing High-Importance Areas: The unpacking team works closely with the employee to identify the most important areas and rooms that require immediate attention. This could include arranging dishes in cabinets, organizing clothes in closets or dressers, and ensuring all toiletries are readily available in the bathroom.
  • Skillful and Efficient Unpacking: The team of unpackers will continue to settle the remaining rooms, ensuring that all boxes are fully unpacked and properly stored. The duration of the service will vary depending on the size of the shipment but can be completed within 1 day or last several days.
  • Functional Layouts and Employee Engagement: The unpacking team consists of skilled organizers who understand how to arrange homes in a functional and logical manner. Employees can actively participate alongside them, treating the unpacking team as an extension of themselves. Alternatively, employees can entrust the task to the professionals and expect a tidy and well-organized result.
  • Debris-Free Completion: Once the Unpack/Put Away service is finished, the team will take care of removing all boxes and packing materials. This leaves an employee’s new home free of any clutter or debris, allowing them to settle in and enjoy their space immediately.
  • Flexibility with the 1-Day Quick Start Option: If the employee prefers a more selective approach, our program also offers a 1-Day Quick Start option. This allows employees to choose specific areas for unpacking and putting away while neatly stacking additional boxes for them to unpack at their convenience. All packing debris will be removed at a later date.

Unpack and put away services are often overlooked, but they play a crucial role in reducing stress and ensuring a seamless relocation experience for employees. At NuCompass, we recognize the importance of this aspect and have taken unpacking services to the next level with our Unpack/Put Away package. With a focus on personalization, functionality, and employee engagement, our service guarantees a white-glove experience for your employees. Trust NuCompass to provide your employees with a stress-free move experience.