HRO Today Article: Mobility, Disrupted

HRO Today Article: Mobility, Disrupted

"Mobility, Disrupted," an article written by HRO Today's Debbie Bolla, takes an in-depth look at how the relocation market is evolving due to COVID-19. Adele Rota, NuCompass Vice President, Client Relations, contributed her insight, along with other industry experts, regarding the evolving issues.

The timely article discusses COVID's initial impact on relocation volume, as well as ongoing challenges, virtual services, and anticipated changes in the future. 

"The most visible impact of COVID-19 on corporate-sponsored relocations was a contraction in activity level, typically reflecting scrutiny over avoidable or deferrable expenditures," explains Adele Rota, vice president of client relations for NuCompass. "For some organizations, this meant a reduction in relocations up to 50%, while others may have experienced a more moderate decline of 10 to 30%. International assignments for most corporations declined by a greater percentage than domestic relocations due to the relative complexity, expense, and degree of potential change experienced by the employee and their impacted family members." 

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