HR 1568 Bill Passing: Moving Americans Privacy Protection Act

HR 1568 Bill Passing: Moving Americans Privacy Protection Act

In the ever-evolving landscape of global employee mobility, safeguarding sensitive data during relocations has become a paramount concern. Recent legislative strides, exemplified by the Moving Americans Privacy Protection Act (MAPPA), are thought by experts to signal a transformative approach. Let’s discuss the background, specifics of the bill, and potential ramifications for the global mobility of transferees.

Background on the Issue:

Dating back to 1984, the unintentional exposure of personally identifiable information (PII) during the public disclosure of manifest information by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has raised significant concerns ( Initially intended to foster competition and analyze import trends, this practice has inadvertently led to identity theft, credit card fraud, and unwanted solicitations.

The Bill Components

Championed by U.S. Congressmen Mike Waltz and Bill Pascrell, MAPPA directly addresses this issue (Waltz). The legislation explicitly instructs CBP to eliminate sensitive PII from cargo manifests before making them publicly accessible. Recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, MAPPA is poised for Senate consideration, enjoying bipartisan support from Senators Steve Daines and Gary Peters (WERC). The bill rectifies the oversight of exposing transferees and military personnel to identity theft and fraud by data brokerage firms.

Impact on Global Mobility

MAPPA's enactment holds significant implications for corporate clients managing employee relocations and the transferees themselves (WERC). With the removal of PII from cargo manifests, the bill seeks to fortify the personal information of military, federal, and private sector transferees, contributing to a more secure relocation process. Industry stakeholders, such as the American Trucking Association and the International Association of Movers, affirm their support, emphasizing the importance of protecting Americans' personal data during international travel.


The Moving Americans Privacy Protection Act stands as a landmark initiative bolstered by collaborative efforts from Congress, industry leaders, and associations. As the bill progresses through the Senate, its potential impact on the global mobility landscape is highly anticipated. This unified commitment underscores a dedication to safeguarding sensitive data, charting a course toward a more resilient and secure future in the realm of global employee mobility.