Global Relocation: Why School Search Services are Essential for Employees with Children

Global Relocation: Why School Search Services are Essential for Employees with Children

In today's globalized world, international relocations have become commonplace. However, these moves present unique challenges for employees and their families, especially those with school-aged children. Finding the right school for their children emerges as a top priority accompanying such a transition. Let’s explore how companies can help employees with young children have a more successful relocation experience.

The Challenge of School Searches

Relocating to a new country involves navigating unfamiliar educational landscapes, varying curricula, and admission processes. This process can be overwhelming for employees with children, adding stress to an already complex transition.

As part of the relocation process, the Relocation Management Company coordinates with Settling-in Consultants who have local expertise and can provide invaluable assistance in acclimating the employee to the new area. A key component for employees with children is the guidance offered by these Consultants regarding school selection, the application process, and school placements, which is crucial given the often tight relocation timelines.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a School

Parents must weigh several factors beyond academic reputation when considering schools. Facilities, curriculum offerings, teaching staff, and extracurricular activities contribute to the overall educational experience. Accreditation by recognized bodies can also serve as a marker of quality; though, this information can be difficult for your employee to discern on their own in their destination country, especially if there is a language barrier.

For example, international schools typically offer options like the British curriculum, the International Baccalaureate (IB), or the American curriculum. Each has its strengths, and the choice depends on factors such as the child's familiarity with the curriculum and future academic plans. Furthermore, preparing for school entrance exams adds another layer of complexity. Standardized tests are common, but interviews also play a significant role, particularly for boarding schools. Working with a Settling-in Consultant in the host country can reduce the pressure on your employees to make such decisions on their own. These consultants can assist in interview preparation, helping students build confidence and communication skills (Relocate Global).

Mid-Year Relocations: Navigating Transitions

Relocating in the middle of the academic year is a reality for many families. International schools are typically accommodating of mid-year starters, but proactive communication and early registration are key to securing placements. It is important that your employee knows where to go and who to speak with to make this transition as smooth as possible for their family.

Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

For families with children that have special educational needs, the relocation process can be even more challenging. Researching schools with adequate support services and expertise becomes paramount as well as time-consuming. Understanding the level of support available and assessing the compatibility of the curriculum is crucial for ensuring a smooth transition and can be alleviated through a settling-in consultant.

Other Assistance for Employee Families

In addition to settling-in services, services like NuCompass’ Spouse/Partner and Family Integration can help by offering spouse/partner career assistance, as well as emotional support for the entire family— including children, elderly family members, and even pets (NuCompass). When coupled with settling-in services, this can be incredibly helpful to your employee and lead to a more successful and enjoyable relocation for the entire family.

Beyond school searches, settling-in for employees with families may also encompass finding suitable childcare facilities, pediatric healthcare providers, and recreational activities tailored to the needs of young children. Coordinating these services ensures that the well-being and development of young children remain a priority throughout the relocation journey, easing stress on your employee as issues within the family dynamic are a leading cause for failed or declined relocations.


Offering settling-in services, including assistance with school searches, is a proactive step that companies can take to support employees relocating internationally with families. By easing the burden of navigating unfamiliar educational systems, employers not only demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being but also facilitate smoother transitions, ultimately contributing to employee satisfaction and retention.