Forbes Article: "Four Ways Business Leaders Can Transform Customer Experience"

Forbes Article: "Four Ways Business Leaders Can Transform Customer Experience"

Many organizations have adapted to a digital or remote way of doing business during the pandemic – and in some cases, it is dramatically altering people’s daily experiences. In this Forbes article, NuCompass Sr. Vice President of Technology & Security, Stephen Chen, discusses how NuCompass Mobility has taken advantage of these pandemic-driven changes to improve our entire customer experience. Chen outlines how business should build on the opportunities brought about by the pandemic to improve the entire customer experience, including:

1. Unlocking the benefits of remote work. 

Many workers are benefiting from new technology that empowers better customer service and more success in their roles, and many companies are adopting flexible work models.   

2. Making a positive face-to-face impression via video.

Travel and in-person meetings and conversations became restricted during the pandemic. We've learned that video is not just a growing expectation of remote employees, but a viable business-improving tool in customer engagement. Regardless of which video format is in use, it's critical for business leaders to help their employees with training, equipment and techniques to ensure the best impression with clients.

3. Fully leveraging data analytics and visualization.

The need for data to make all business decisions has been on a growth trajectory, but we saw the need for data analytics really take off in 2020. IT leaders must lead the way in guiding decisions about how to invest in data and analytics capabilities and upgrade key data functions.

4. Using creativity to build supply-chain resilience.

This pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of a resilient supply chain as well as the highly complex nature of global manufacturing and services depending upon a limited number of suppliers. We have gained additional insights into leveraging cloud-based technology for collaboration and offering non-touch services like video survey for moves.

Leaders can turn the pivoting necessary in 2020 into long-term beneficial changes and better partnership with clients that lead to sustainable customer-service advantages.

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