CoPilot Pro

CoPilot Pro is a comprehensive U.S. domestic relocation package that may include tax-protected home sale services, including a BVO or guaranteed buyout.

If you provide home sale assistance to your employees, CoPilot Pro is the solution for you! With CoPilot Pro, you have easy-to-use tools for authorization and monitoring the status of your relocating employees. Your employees can manage their service requests and orders with NuCompass service partners. In addition, our in-house realty experts will help your employees quickly sell their homes for top dollar. Employees receive real-time system notifications and updates throughout the move and support from a relocation consultant.


  • Simplified authorization process
  • Interactive cost-estimating tool
  • A relocation plan and budget for each move
  • Approval routing
  • Efficient payment processing
  • Direct access to qualified service partners
  • Consultant support
  • Tax compliance and payroll reporting
  • Program analytics to monitor spend and exceptions
  • Access to real-time status updates

CoPilot Pro Services

  • Lump-sum payments
  • Miscellaneous allowances
  • Household goods
  • Vehicle shipment
  • Temporary accommodations
  • Lease cancellation reimbursement
  • Rental assistance
  • Real-estate services — home sale and new home purchase
  • Home sale direct reimbursement
  • House-hunting reimbursement
  • Move-to-new-location reimbursement

Mobility Management Tools

  • Cost estimates
  • Relocation planning and budget
  • Approval routing
  • E-signature for repayment agreements
  • Cost management/budget vs. actual tracking
  • Core reports
  • Program analytics
  • Exceptions management
  • Employee-service details
  • Real-time status
  • Payroll and tax compliance

Employee Portal

  • Support center
  • Workflow notifications
  • Timeline for relocation tasks
  • Direct access to vetted service partners
  • eSignature for real estate transactions
  • Service status details
  • Expense submission and reimbursement
  • Destination city content
  • Online chat support
  • Mobile app

Over 50 years of relocation experience have been applied to developing an innovative solution for companies just like yours.

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