NuCompass announces CoPilot Express™ platform for a more rewarding lump sum relocation experience

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NuCompass announces CoPilot Express™ platform for a more rewarding lump sum relocation experience

PLEASANTON, Calif. (October 18, 2023) Today, at the 2023 Worldwide ERC® Global Workforce Symposium in Boston, MA, NuCompass Mobility® proudly unveils CoPilot Express™, an innovative digital platform specifically designed for relocating employees that receive a lump sum payment.

The development of CoPilot Express was driven by evolving trends towards lump sum payments in the relocation landscape. Corporate organizations increasingly want an easy to administer program, and relocating employees appreciate the flexibility of a cash payment. However, the traditional lump sum approach often results in heightened stress for employees as they must relocate on their own without any guidance or support.

That’s why NuCompass, a leader in the relocation industry, developed the CoPilot Express™ platform that provides relocating employees with real time lump sum payments, coupled with direct access to trusted suppliers, cash back offers, live chat support, education, and guidance along the way.  

"With CoPilot Express, we're ushering in a new era, where technology and personalized guidance converge to support relocating employees and enhance the lump sum payment process," said Dave Marron, NuCompass CEO. "We believe this revolutionary platform will set a new standard for both cost-effectiveness and employee satisfaction in the industry."

CoPilot Express, the corporation still maintains an easy-to-administer, affordable program, while providing their employees with a more rewarding relocation journey. CoPilot Express helps ensure that employees arrive at their new job location feeling good about the organization and ready to work right away.

Attendees of the Global Workforce Symposium 2023 can gain in-depth insights into CoPilot Express by visiting the NuCompass exhibit. For more information about this groundbreaking platform, please visit

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