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Even before information and transactional technology was as common as it is today, NuCompass was the leader in the employee mobility industry in technology innovation and implementation. Our NuCompass Navigator technology has been an integral part of our Mobile MobilityTM strategy, designed to allow clients and their employees to obtain the information they need to manage the mobility process 24/7, from any location across the globe.

NuCompass was the first in the mobility industry to offer a mobile app that allows transferring employees to submit expenses digitally without the need for paper receipts. We were also the first to integrate eSignature technology that offers the convenience and speed of electronic signatures on key legal documents for all parties. We’ve also won several Awards for our technology and related services. What does it take to achieve and maintain technology leadership in the mobility industry? It takes innovation, dedication, and resources.

NuCompass believes that technology innovation is essential for providing the highest levels of service in our industry. Our innovation isn’t driven by the desire to develop technology for its own sake, but rather to find ways to continually meet the needs of a new generation of customers that have integrated technology into their daily lives. To make that happen, we have dedicated IT staff within our own company that allow us to develop our own proprietary technology systems that we control and can continually improve. Many companies in our industry outsource their technology programs to other firms, which stifles creativity and doesn’t allow for independent innovation and technology development.

We can help you determine your technology needs and evaluate the capabilities of firms in our industry. Contact Us to discuss further.

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