Global Mobility
Corporate Client Services

NuCompass Mobility offers a full-range of global mobility services to meet your company’s needs. Services are available on a stand-alone basis or in appropriate combinations.

  • Assignment Cost Projection
    We estimate the projected costs of an international assignment. We prepare a comprehensive projection for the entire assignment including the expatriation and repatriation events. The estimate includes relocation service costs, expatriate compensation costs, home/host income, and hypothetical and social tax costs.
  • Assignment Agreement Preparation
    An Assignment Agreement is a formal agreement between employee and employer that specifically defines the services and financial assistance to be provided to the international assignee and his/her family. Our Consultant will create and process the Assignment Agreement according to format and timing determined by the client. Assignment agreements may take the form of an assignment letter or a formal contract.
  • Policy Consulting
    We offer a formal consulting capability to assist you with your global mobility policy evaluation and development. We analyze existing practices and explore policy options based on your company culture, industry trends, program costs, and comparisons with other clients. The final result can range from a list of recommendations to a formal policy ready for publication.
  • Candidate Assessment
    This service helps determine if a candidate for an international assignment is likely to be successful. We select a candidate assessment specialist from our network. The specialist then meets with the employee and possibly the employee’s family. Assessment factors include cultural fit, adaptability, and personal issues related to the destination country. The results are confidential and are provided directly to our client contact.

Additional Resources

View our Overview of Services for complete descriptions of the essential service components for a successful mobility program.

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