Global Mobility
Assignee Services


  • Visa and Immigration
    This service ensures compliance with all immigration and work permit requirements for the employee on an international assignment or relocating globally. We work with immigration/work permit service specialists from our network that process the employee’s and family’s documentation as required by the host country.
  • Cross Cultural Training
    We connect your employee with a cross cultural training provider from our network who works directly with the employee (and family, if appropriate). This service acquaints the employee with the host country culture and heightens self-awareness of cultural traits and behaviors that relate to successfully living and working in the host country. Course structure, length, and depth vary based on client requirements.
  • Language Training
    We connect the employee with a language training specialist from our network who works directly with the employee (and family, if appropriate). This service helps the assignee develop the functional language skills to communicate with co-workers, clients, and local citizens. Course structure, length, and depth vary based on client requirements.
  • Education Assessment and School Placement
    This service assists employees in evaluating the impact of schooling differences between countries, while navigating the application, selection, and admission processes of international schooling. We connect the employee with an education specialist from the host country to develop a school selection and placement plan for school-aged children.
  • Property Management
    For employees going on a temporary international assignment, NuCompass can arrange for and coordinate property management services for the rental or provide vacant oversight of the employee’s home for the duration of the assignment.


  • Policy Administration
    Our Consultant is the relocating employee’s single point of accountability for all global relocation and assignment services. This includes counseling on policy assistance, coordinating all service scheduling, supervising service delivery, and processing exceptions. Importantly, the Consultant supervises and supports the work of the NuCompass OnSite Agent.
  • NuCompass OnSite
    NuCompass OnSite is the name of our unique approach to global service delivery, whereby all relocation assistance and counseling can be provided at the destination location (see Destination Services). NuCompass OnSite employs Internet technology and specialized training to empower our OnSite agent to provide comprehensive and individualized assistance to your employees, at any destination, worldwide.
  • On-Assignment Policy Administration
    This service extends the Policy Administration services and support for the entire length of an international assignment.
  • Relocation Expense Management
    NuCompass offers an automated relocation expense management system to help you and your employee effectively manage and record all of the expenses associated with a move or an international assignment. Our system is integrated with our operations system to ensure timely reimbursements to your employees, accurate invoicing and payments to vendors, and real-time reporting for the employee and your company. We work directly with your payroll, accounts payable department, and/or your third party tax providers, if required. We also electronically integrate with your systems, as needed. At year-end, we provide the information to accurately prepare employees’ W-2 forms or personal tax filings.
  • Ongoing Relocation Expense Management
    This service extends Relocation Expense Management for the duration of an international assignment. We report all elements of expatriate compensation and expense reimbursements to our client’s payroll and/or third party tax provider.
  • Compensation Administration
    Our Consultant calculates allowances related to assignment housing, transportation, training, education, and cost of living, in accordance with client policy and specific to the assignee’s circumstances. These allowances are included in ongoing assignment compensation payments. We work with a remuneration data provider to maintain all appropriate home/host country allowance combinations and update allowances, as needed. NuCompass makes all assignment-related payments (in all non-restricted currencies) and submits assignment compensation information to the client's home and/or host payroll. We also provide this data to tax advisors.
  • Household Goods Assistance
    We manage the household goods shipping process on behalf of your employee. International assignments require an extra level of planning to differentiate between household goods that are shipped or stored, and to comply with destination country entry/immigration processes. We work with highly professional household goods suppliers that are part of our network. We schedule and manage the move in accordance with the specific requirements of your policy. Our Consultant monitors the process through customs and delivery at the destination. After the move, we audit the final invoices to ensure that instructions were followed, and we follow-up on any damage claims.


  • Destination Services
    Our Consultant connects your employee with a destination service provider in the host country, who is also our NuCompass OnSite agent in that location. The focus of destination services is to provide a comfortable landing for the employee in the new location. Services include a customized area tour, assistance with securing housing, and settling-in services, as necessary, for adjusting to life in a new country.
  • Temporary Accommodations
    We identify and arrange temporary fully-furnished accommodations that meet the employee’s needs and timeframe, while complying with your policy and cost parameters. We approve and make payments on behalf of the employee.
  • Spouse/Partner Assistance
    Support programs for an employee’s spouse/partner can range from career search, educational advancement, and/or community integration. We connect the spouse/partner with a service specialist from our network that will analyze and explain the available options. The specialist will also explain the limitations that may exist based on local laws, local practices, citizenship status, and/or gender.
  • Host Departure Services
    We work with local service providers from our network to arrange all activities necessary to successfully end an assignment in the host location, which may include lease cancellation, security deposit return, utility shut offs, mail re-directing, and de-registration with local authorities.

Additional Resources

View our Overview of Services for complete descriptions of the essential service components for a successful mobility program.

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