CoPilot is a cloud-based platform for managing employee relocations.

With CoPilot, you can:

  • Determine what’s needed for every relocation ahead of time: CoPilot includes an employee intake process to help determine what an employee really needs in order to relocate successfully, which reduces your overall administrative costs.
  • Set your budget and control costs: With CoPilot, you’ll know the costs before authorizing a move, so you can get internal approvals, virtually eliminate exceptions, and not spend a penny more than you want to. Our online cost estimator is remarkably accurate.
  • Manage expenses and maximize tax benefits/compliance: Track all of your relocation costs across multiple moves and maximize all of the tax advantages beyond what you can do with lump sums — all while making sure your program is in compliance.
  • Help your employees relocate smoothly: Pre-funding a relocation empowers your employees to take charge of their own relocation, complete the move on their own schedule, and use our vetted partner network.
  • Get information, where and when you and your employees need it: Our online platform is easy to use and available on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices 24/7, so they can get the information they need.