CoPilot Express

CoPilot Express provides a convenient solution for companies that use a lump-sum or cash approach to relocation. Express provides online tools for your employees to manage their funds and offers an easy way to capture tax savings for your company.

If you are currently providing lump sums or cash payments to your relocating employees, CoPilot Express is the solution for your organization.

With CoPilot Express, you have easy-to-use tools for authorization and monitoring the status of your relocating employees. Rather than cutting employees a check and hoping for the best, this program gives your employees support and your organization reassurance that a move will be successful. Your employees get direct access to NuCompass service partners and can manage their own moves using any device. Employees receive recommendations on how to maximize the use of their funds throughout the move and receive support via online chat.


  • Simplified authorization process
  • Approval routing
  • Efficient payment processing
  • Referrals to qualified service partners
  • Tax compliance and payroll reporting
  • Access to real-time status updates

CoPilot Express Services

  • Lump-sum payments

Employer Management Tools

  • Authorization tool
  • Approval routing
  • eSignature for repayment agreements
  • Core reports
  • Employee service details
  • Real-time status
  • Payroll and tax compliance

Employee Portal

  • Support center
  • Workflow notifications
  • Service partner referrals
  • Destination city content
  • Online chat

Over 50 years of relocation experience have been applied to developing an innovative solution for companies just like yours.

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