NuCompass Announces Technology Partnership with Urbandoor

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NuCompass Announces Technology Partnership with Urbandoor

Relocation software provider NuCompass announces a partnership with temporary housing solution Urbandoor to improve relocation technology and services

NuCompass Mobility Services Inc., a leading provider of global relocation management services, is pleased to announce a first-of-its-kind technology partnership with Urbandoor, a global online booking platform for furnished apartments.

When NuCompass built its own cloud-based platform, called CoPilot™, it modernized the way relocation was managed. Today CoPilot continues to advance the way relocation is done through a new integration with global furnished apartment marketplace Urbandoor APIs. NuCompass strives to enhance stellar service through great technology.

Together, NuCompass and Urbandoor developed a unique workflow that allows the transferring employee to seamlessly search properties on Urbandoor and instantly book the accommodation -- all from within the CoPilot portal. This provides transferees with an enhanced, interactive experience to review and select a property for their temporary accommodations, as well as a 24/7 digitally-supported stay experience from Urbandoor.

Regarding this distinctive partnership, NuCompass Chief Technology Officer, Elise Riordan, says, “Just like hotels in the 1990s, apartments are quickly becoming accessible via technology-based marketplaces that more easily connect the individual with the accommodation. With CoPilot, the Urbandoor platform can be integrated within the highly customized workflow of a relocation.”

Urbandoor co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Erik Eccles remarks, “Urbandoor has seen tremendous growth from its Travel Management Company partnerships and direct corporate clients focusing on extended travel and project lodging over that past 18 months. We are excited to move into the mobility industry with a technology-first relocation firm such as NuCompass to integrate the world’s largest furnished apartment marketplace into their workflows to better service their clients.”

Similar to existing data seen throughout the Urbandoor marketplace, NuCompass is seeing cost and time saving benefits while maintaining high quality and customer satisfaction. In one instance, NuCompass was able to save more than a quarter of the overall housing costs via booking through Urbandoor and shaved off more than 6 hours of sourcing time.

About NuCompass Mobility

For more than 50 years, NuCompass has brought together relocation services and technology in fresh, innovative ways. NuCompass offers a full range of US and global mobility services and award-winning technology to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the relocation experience. Client services are delivered from NuCompass’ office locations in Pleasanton, CA; Dallas, TX; Wilton, CT; Frankfurt, Germany; and Singapore.

About Urbandoor

Urbandoor is a global marketplace for furnished apartments specifically built for professionals. Its mission is to effortlessly connect professionals with their right apartment every time, anywhere. Unlike other furnished apartment marketplaces, there are no private homes or individual hosts on Urbandoor. All apartments and providers are vetted to meet standards professionals expect. There are currently more than 250K furnished apartments in 1100+ markets across 35 countries on Urbandoor. For more info, visit