Through our proprietary NuCompass Navigator technology, we’ve made relocation easier and more efficient!

How does NuCompass Navigator work?

NuCompass Navigator is at the center of everything we do. The Navigator portals and mobile apps are the primary channels we use to deliver our global mobility services. All parties associated with the relocation or assignment can access data and interact through Navigator. This includes your employees, HR and mobility teams, business unit managers, payroll staff, and supplier partners.

Navigator provides exceptional functionality with automated authorizations, workflow management, and full reporting ─ all through a single database. Navigator gives you access in a secure environment, worldwide. Our technology offers the best reporting, data tracking, and customization in the industry.

How does Navigator help my HR and Mobility Managers?

Navigator provides your staff with all the critical information necessary to manage your program, including:

  • Relocation and assignment authorizations
  • Transferee files, expenses, log notes, and service status
  • All relocation and assignment policies
  • Relocation cost estimates and real-time budgeting
  • Policy exception requests and reporting
  • Custom and ad-hoc reporting

What do my employees see in Navigator?

Your employees can access all the information they need for their relocation or assignment, including access to:

  • Authorized relocation policies
  • Expense management to submit, track, and review all expenses
  • Interactive calendar, planner, forms, and documents
  • Destination area information and links
  • Contact information for all parties
  • Year-end summary reports
  • Customized satisfaction survey

Is there a cost to use Navigator?

Access to Navigator is provided at no cost to our corporate clients. Navigator requires no special software or technical setup. The system is web-based and accessible 24/7/365 from any Internet browser.

As an independent company, we develop and embrace new technologies quickly. By applying technology solutions to relocation, we’ve managed to reduce costs in the process.

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