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NuCompass Mobility offers a full-range of domestic relocation services to meet your company’s employee mobility needs. Services are available on a stand-alone basis or in appropriate combinations.

  • Pre-Transfer Departure Service
    This service helps you and your employee avoid surprises related to the employee’s home sale, such as loss on sale. NuCompass conducts a home market valuation and calculates home sale costs and net equity in the home. This information allows you and the transfer candidate to decide whether to pursue the move, and if so, how to best structure the relocation assistance for the employee.
  • Pre-Transfer Destination Service
    This service assists with candidate recruiting by helping the candidate understand the details and personal impact of a move. Based on the need, we review the relocation policy with the candidate, coordinate an area orientation tour, provide destination real estate market information, and/or calculate cost of living differences.
  • Relocation Cost Estimator
    This online tool helps you manage the costs of each domestic relocation. You can easily estimate the cost of each policy component provided by your company, which then yields the total cost of a move. The tool calculates the "tax gross up" of those expenses that are income to the employee and allows you to compare different move scenarios.
  • Policy Consulting
    We offer a formal consulting capability to assist you with relocation policy evaluation and development. We analyze existing practices and explore policy options based on your company culture, industry trends, program costs, and comparisons with other companies. The final result can range from a list of recommendations to a formal policy ready for publication.
  • Group Move Assistance
    The relocation of a group of employees is far more complex than an individual relocation. Every group move is different, requiring a unique mix of services. We offer a broad range of group move services to help you and your employees, including policy development, new community research, area orientation tours, policy presentations, and individual counseling sessions. NuCompass also provides complete beginning-to-end group move management.

Additional resources

View our Overview of Services for complete descriptions of the essential service components for a successful mobility program.

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