A history of new and better ways to serve our clients

In 2015, NuCompass Mobility is celebrating our 50th anniversary in the mobility business. A great deal has changed from our beginnings as a destination services company to where we are today – a global mobility management firm serving over 150 countries, with offices in three U.S. cities and locations in Singapore and Germany.

In 1965, our heritage company, ReloAction, began providing destination consulting services in the San Francisco Bay area. ReloAction evolved over the years into a full service relocation management company. In 2004, the company became Hewitt Mobility when it was acquired by Hewitt Associates, LLC, a leading human resources outsourcing firm. In 2009, Hewitt Mobility was re-purchased by the original principal owners of ReloAction, and the company was rebranded as NuCompass Mobility Services Inc.

The company has a history of being first to market with new and better ways to serve our clients. We were the first relocation management company to:

  • Implement an agent-direct real estate model
  • Launch a mobile app with full business functionality
  • Integrate eSignature functionality throughout the entire relocation process

Our Mission Statement sets an ambitious goal: “to develop and offer our clients the next generation of relocation services”. It’s a constantly moving target; and, by definition, it’s a goal that will never be complete - we’ll always be improving and developing services and software that meets the needs and preferences of a new generation of transferring employees.


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